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Waterjet Cutting

Our WaterJet Sweden Cutting machine can cut through virtually any material from glass to titanium with absolute precision and a perfect edge finish. The cut is less than 0.8mm wide.


With a full 4000mm x 2000mm cutting bed we are able to service our customers in thicknesses where our laser cutting specification ends, and also the ability to diversify from Stainless Steel to most other products, including metals, ceramics, glass, foam, Perspex etc. to a very high tolerance with a repetition accuracy of +/- 0.25mm with a positional accuracy of +/- 0.05mm per 1000mm.

We also have an unrivled Fine Abrasive Microcutting head. The Fine Abrasive Waterjet (FAWJ) process is a refinement of the already proven Abrasive WaterJet (AWJ) process, whereby the advantages of AWJ are applied to the micro segment. This allows for true micro component manufacturing.


Waterjet cutting technology is based on the use of one or several jets of water with very high power density. Up to 30kW of power within a fine water jet, of the size of a needle. Compressed water at a pressure of 400MPa or more is conveyed in stainless steel tubing to a nozzle, usually of 0.1 – 0.3mm in diameter. As the water escapes the nozzle it approaches a velocity of 900m/s. The flow of water leaving the nozzle is determined by the pressure generating the jet, which is normally in the range of 2 to 3 litres per minute.